Friday, August 15, 2008

Many things going on

It's been over a week since I posted and my how the time has flown. It has been a busy but good time. My older son and his family spent about a week with us. It is such a joy to have them and the grandkids here....but it pooped me out! We went to the beach and pool and just had some fun. I gave my granddaughter her wizard quilt. I am attaching some pictures of her and her brother with the quilt.

While they were here, my son and I scanned over 900 family pictures. Since I am the oldest living on my dad's side of the family, I became the "family historian" and have old Bibles, etc. I have been working on a family genealogy for about 10 years and have boxes and folders piled high. We were so afraid that something might happen to the "stuff" that we figured we should make copies. (I can't help but think of George Carlin's comedy routine about STUFF.) So of course all of those boxes came out from closets and underbeds and are now piled in my office. I don't think I'll put them away for a while because I need to get them organized...

Yesterday, I went to a tea for the new and old officers of our quilt guild since I am going to be the new secretary. It was great fun to visit with others in an intimate setting. Since our guild is rather large, I hadn't met one of the people at our table before. I enjoyed hearing her stories about coming to the US from Norway and the wonderful trips she has taken. One of the women at my table told me about a tea shop in another nearby town that I didn't know about...they serve afternoon tea and have a wonderful little gift shop. There is a place in Rehoboth Beach where some friends from out of town and I ususally go when they visit. It is a lovely Victorian style restaurante where you can have afternoon tea and watch the ocean. I'll have to try out this new place before they visit again and maybe I'll take them there.
My husband and I visited an antique shop in the afternoon...he really wanted to go to a nearby town to visit a hobby shop and the antique shop just happened to be next door so I rode with him. I definitely will need to go back because there were three floors just filled with wonderful things and I just couldn't see everything. There were some dishes that matched some that I already have...I am a sucker for dishes - carnival glass especially.

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belinda said...

OH WOW QUILTING NANA!!!!! I can't beleive you mentioned George Carlin and "STUFF"!!!! That is sooooo a joke with me. It's sooo true!! HAHAAAAA HAHAHAHA!!!

Yes, and I know about kids and grand-kids. Great for a visit, but ready when they go home. At my age ( which really isn't too old ) I'm not used to that daily hectic, talking morning till night...gotta fix everybody something to eat...oh, let's clean this that REALLY a wet towel on the bedroom upholstered chair???????