Monday, June 23, 2008

Challenge Block

I am attaching some pictures of my summer challenge project.

First, I cut colored strips from scraps. I made these primarily dark or medium strips. The red center blocks were cut from a fat quarter I picked up somewhere along the way. Then I cut the beige strips from some fabric I had left over from another quilt (I bought much more than I needed.)

Then I put the colored strips in a bag according to their size and pulled out strips randomly as I needed them. I kept it random unless there would be two of the same design in the same block.

I laid out the blocks in many arrangements on the living room floor and then decided on the zigzag arrangement because it reminded me of waves.

There are six 8 inch blocks in a row and 10 rows. I am putting a narrow black border around the arrangement because I think I will use this as a wall hanging.


Purple and Paisley said...

oh i just love your layout! your stash quilt is going to be beautiful! =)

Annette said...

I like your log cabin blocks. Looks like you are doing great with the summer challenge.