Friday, February 29, 2008

Camera, action!

Well, I figured out how to upload my pictures to my computer...why did I put this off - the directions are so easy. I guess that is often what keeps me from trying new things. I am afraid that I won't be able to do it! Now I just need to have my camera battery charge. I hadn't used it for such a long time that it was dead!

A task for my hubby. I have a big walk-in closet that I was using to store craft supplies but it was such a makeshift storage system that there was a lot of wasted space and I always had to dig to find things. Yesterday we went to Lowes (his favorite shopping place) and bought a modular closet system that has lots of shelves and drawers for me to use. He just now has to put it all together. I spent last night and this morning taking out all the things in the closet and piling them everywhere so he could get in there to work. The space is 42" by 98" so there will be lots of room. Can't wait.

I also over the last couple of days went through my stash of quilting fabric and sorted it. First I sorted it by size - over a yard, more than 1/4 yd. but less than a yard, fat quarters, and then scraps. Then I tried to arrange those by color. That was the tricky part since so many fabrics are multi-prints! I found that I have a lot of greens and browns which is funny because I always say my favorite color is blue. Time for a trip to the fabric store.

I do have a couple of quilts planned....will get to them sometime but I need to get my room cleaned up - Company coming in two weeks!

Speaking of room for company. Hubby has been busy on another project for me. He painted the "kids room" - the spare bedroom we have decorated for the grandkids. He just needs to finish the woodwork.

After a lull of activity since the holidays we have gotten back to working!

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Rachael said...

I think organizing craft supplies is so fun!! I'm about due for another round!